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Driven for high-quality and timeless design, to bespoke fine jewelry to the unique demands of customers. Guided by our personal creativity and background in gemology. Using extensive knowledge of the industry, especially high-end custom fabrication, Luxe Vault Ltd created the mission of creating fine jewelry for women and men who covet sophisticated, personal adornments that compliment their style and express a sense of tasteful elegance.

 Luxe Vault’s Concierge Service is available to cater to all your dreams and wishes in a personal way, tailored to your very needs. Tell us what you are looking for and we shall see it fulfilled!

 Luxe Vault Concierge Representatives are available Monday-Friday 10 am to 5 pm EST during business hours to help with any questions you may have.

 The process begins with a consultation with one of our concierge representatives to discuss your ideas and budget. We will help you with these ideas, developing them, sketching them and researching. You get the benefit of Katherine’s in-depth knowledge in the jewelry industry coupled with her solid partnerships with manufacturers.


One of the key elements in concierge jewelry is customization and client input. In today’s market for quality goods, customization is important in that people, when they are spending a large amount of money for a piece jewelry, want that piece to have a personal connection and meaning. Also, when people are spending large sums, getting exactly what they want is something not always available in a stock piece. Luxe Vault’s Concierge Service has the knowledge needed to find the latest trends. Our passion for luxury, lifestyle and unrivaled level of service guarantee we can help you find the very top in design and jewelry,

Other advantages of working with concierge jewelers include better pricing, more personalized approach to doing business, and of course – the ability to have someone on call.

As your full service jewelry concierge we will create your bespoke piece in three easy steps, ensuring the process is stress free and efficient.


Our services start with an initial consultation, during which we will help you establish your budget, time-line, and general direction for your project.

Luxe Vault Ltd uses its vast diamond inventory as well as its network of diamond wholesalers to curate a selection of loose diamond options for its clients. During this selection process, our concierges educates its clients about the Four Cs so that the client will be empowered to make an informed decision.

Upon selection of the stone, Luxe Vault Ltd works closely with a team of in house jewelers to oversee the design and creation of your piece.


Initial Consultation: We provide a comprehensive diamond education and present custom design options.

Diamond Selection: Unlike a typical jeweler, we utilize our vast inventory as well as network of diamond wholesalers and present you with a curated assortment to choose from. Therefore, we can make impartial recommendations ensuring you get the best diamond at the best price.


Setting Creation: Our settings are designed to best enhance your diamond and hand crafted by master bench-jewelers located in New York City.

Your finished piece is delivered directly to your door along with an appraisal for insurance if requested (subject to additional processing time).

As an exclusive Concierge Team, each dedicated to bringing top-of-the-line service to discerning individuals looking for exceptional luxury jewelry and watches. With countless years of experience in the luxury industry, we offer the next step in personalized service to our treasured clients: the Luxe Vault Ltd Service.

Luxe Vault Ltd provides exclusive Concierge Services to its clients. We offer

Diamond Consultations:


For assistance with engagement rings or custom designed, please call 800.376.5510; or, you may request to speak with one of our diamond experts via LUXEVAULTLTD.COM. As a complimentary service, a Luxe Vault representative will contact you to answer any questions. To set up a diamond consultation or custom designed consultation, please contact us.